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ThunderStruck Slot 2

An Overview of ThunderStruck Slot 2

What is ThunderStruck Slot 2?

  • In 2010, ThunderStruck 2 Slot was brought out which is completely unique from the previous one.
  • This game gives players a variety of spins so you could earn more money.
  • ThunderStruck 2 is a fantastic sequel of the previous game.
  • It can be played in any Android phone and is easy to download.

Bonus Features

  • More free spins
  • More Scatters
  • Earn up to 2x-6x Multipliers
  • You can win fast if you have Thor feature
  • Offers more wild cards
  • Best to play on HD screen
  • The Great Hall of Spins and Wildstorm are the greatest attraction of the game.
  • Valkyrie feature done on your first and up to fourth features.
  • The logo of ThunderStruck II can be switch to all kinds of symbol but not to Thor’s Hammer.
  • Loki feature can be played on the fifth until ninth triggers.
  • Odin features can be used if you reach tenth up to fourteenth triggers.
  • While Thor feature can be played when you have triggered from fifteenth onwards.

ThunderStruck 2 Slot needs an internet connection to avoid crashes. But your bet will be automatically saved. They offers large amount of jackpot prizes and bonuses. The game mechanics are truly fantastic. You will really have a good time playing ThunderStruck 2 Slot game.

This game has 243 ways for you to win the game. This game has a memory which will save your credits and wins. You will also go back to your previous game or when the time you left off. You can still pick them to continue the game into the next level.

You will find it challenging and intense because the sound effect is totally outstanding. You will feel through the sound that there is something good and big to happen. The proponent of this game is brilliant.

Base on reviews about the game, most of them find it great and a truly work of art. The game provides the players an easy access for pay out. If you play this game you want to make sure that you will achieve something. It is worth rewarding because it will give you great happiness.

This game is fair to players. If you achieve a lot you will be given better prizes. You will surely find time to play this. You won’t want to miss any of the game especially if you have wild cards and free spins.

Because of the variety of features to choose from, the more higher the level is, the more money and bonuses you could earn. Most of the players say that this is better than other game slots. Most of them like Loki feature because it gives magic wild card and a free spins of 15 times.

It is best played in HD screen but you can probably play this in any android phone. For more information about the latest features of this game you can visit their website anytime you like. Hurry and download it now so you could experience the real fun and excitement of the game.

The Dark Night Slot

This game is taken from the movie in 2008 entitled The Dark Knight which is a blockbuster movie. This game became popular because of the movie and of its Cinematic Spins. The characters from the movie like Batman and Joker feature show up to award you with prizes.

Unlike other gaming slot, The Dark Night game slot has the highest jackpot prizes that reach up to million. It also has 15 spins but 2x multiplier given to you as you start the game.

Also the graphics and musical effects of the game are from the movie itself to make it more attractive and real.

Dark Night slot is a 5 reel games but don’t have pay lines. It has a winning combination up to 243. You can have not less than four progressive jackpots.

Progressive Jackpot:

You can earn up to four progressive jackpots but not consecutively. You can win the four jackpots separately. The four jackpots have the following name; the mini, major, minor and mega progressive jackpot.  You are given more chances to hit the mini out of mega because when you hit the mega jackpot prize you will be an instant millionaire.

Wild Symbol:

The wild of the game is the video logo of the Dark Night. This logo can replace other symbols. It also acted as stacked wild which means you can make greater combinations so that you can get the higher winning prizes.

Scatter Symbol:

The symbols uses in the game are the main characters of the movie, batman’s logo and face of annoying joker. Your money will be doubled if you gain two logos, then you can now have a free spin.

Free spins:

If this will be triggered by any of the collected scatters, this would surely give you a free 15 spins but it will also depend on the number of collected scatters. At first it will start in 2x multiplier. While spinning for free, The Dark Night logo will be a stacked wild.

What Makes The Dark Night Slot Different from Other Slot Games?

The Dark Night Slot mechanics are just the same with other slot game but what really makes it more different is that you are given a chance to win in four progressive ways. And they give the most high prize up to million.

This game will provide you a complete satisfaction because you will always feel lucky each time you play this game. Also, if you have The Dark Night slot game installed or downloaded on your computer, laptop or on your android phone, you are in on the world of online games.

The Dark Knight Slot is definitely one of the most enjoyable online games that any online game enthusiast should never miss out. With the perfect combination of the Dark Knight character features together with the amazing prizes, surely, you will want to play this game over and over again. If you are looking for a great game, this is certainly one of those that you should check out.

An Overview of Iron Man 3 Slot

Iron Man is well known for his unbelievable strength and unbeatable armour that help you get a big jackpot.  Iron Man online slot game deeply based on the movie, its symbols are originated from the successful film itself. The two symbols are the silver suit case that belongs to Stark Enterprises and other one is the plane. The Iron Man symbols are part of marvellous animations that you’ll find in this slot game. Bonus game is one of the most thrilling stages of this slot game, where you can get a chance to have multiplier bonuses and free spins.

Iron Man is one of the imaginary Marvel Comic games. With the excellent and fantastic graphics you will find this game very satisfying. It has a twist and it is perfectly made for those people who are avid fan of this film.

Iron Man 3 is one of the newest additions from the Iron Man Slot Game Series. Its perfect sound presentation gives life to the players. It also offers three different cool spins features, a wild picture, and a very exciting re-spin feature. The only thing that the player will really love is none other than the presentation of this game. The illustrations of the picture in this game are very amazing. It is perfectly made for those people who love to play online games and all the effects on this will give you a lot of pleasure.

How to Play Iron Man 3 Slot

You are going to start your adventure in 5-reel and 25 pay line game. You have to decide how much how much bet do you give on this game. Once you already have your decision you can already take a spin. The first feature is the exceptional missile outbreak bonus game. All you have to do is to shoot down the entire missile to get the random prizes. Using the wild feature the player can avail the cool bonus. You can get a price up to 750 times by mixing together Iron Man symbols. The following has four different stages of jackpots that you can win and these are; Power Jackpot, Extra Power Jackpot, Super Power Jackpot and Ultimate Power Jackpot.

Devoted fan of Iron Man movie series will find this slot game exceptional. Its uniqueness among the others will give you a brilliant feeling that you will never forget. Its effects will make you feel that you are in the real world of the movie. The sound effects will add eagerness to the players and at the same time it can add enjoyment and pressure. It can also improve your concentration because the special effects will serve as motivation for you to save the world like Iron Man did. In playing this slot machine you will be able to realize things since Iron Man is one of the famous super hero his duty is to save the world from a harmful creatures.

You will find this game very interesting because this game the prizes that you can get are larger than you thought.

Beach Life Slot

What part of the year do you like the most? Mostly the answer is summer time. Yes it is very true that one of the best parts in a year is summer. During summer, you can do all you want to do. The basic thing to do while summer is to hang out in the beach. You can eat your favourite foods during summer. You can have a Popsicle sticks with different colours and shapes. Fruits that can be seen during summer only. One more thing about the goodness of summer vacation is that you are free from your work. You are far away from stress. You can enjoy life while having the summer vacation.

But did you know that even rainy days you can experience summer while you are in your house or in a casino? Yes, you heard it right. There is a slot machine invented with the experts to help you have fun while waiting for the summer season. This slot machine is called beach life slot. You can see different kinds of figures that only in summer you wish to appear.

How To Play The Beach Life Slot Machine

Not like the other slot machine that can be seen in a casino, the game is very simple. The game is made up of 20 line and 5 reels. The goal of the game is to match same objects from left to right. Every flat, there is a coin value that will appear. You will pick how many lines you want to play, and if you want to activate the 20 pay lines, that will cost a total of $5 per spin. And if you want to have the jackpot, you are willing to bet your $5.

Here are some bonus tips on how to win the game:

  • If you want to have a winning score you must provide a score for at least 100,00 coins. You must hit 5 suns in a row.
  • The sand castle is also available in the game. This will help you earn points/coins. If you hit 2 or more reels, you will have a prize that will multiply.
  • If you hit a full 5, you will earn 500 times of your wager.
  • If you hit 3 or more than, there will be a bonus. You will receive a bonus treasures symbols. Each of the treasure chests has a hidden prize.
  • You will pick 3 chests and you will find out what are the prizes inside if it.

In beach life slot machine you can see many kinds of summer symbols. You can see different fruits, sand castles. Even sexy women in their swim wear attire.

This game will bring so much fun to everyone. While you are waiting for the summer to come, you are looking forward to have fun like summer time in your house. With the use of this slot machine, you will experience like you are in a beach with the said game. You will feel that you are in a vacation.

If the season is rainy, and you are getting bored in your room, you have the chance to feel the summer, in just playing this game.

You will truly have a great day while playing the slot machine. You will not just experience summer while rainy days, but you will still have a chance to win especially when you play it in a casino.

Having this wonderful game is truly a big help to avoid stress in life. This will make you feel relax and have fun while playing.

Tomb Raider 2 Slot

Almost everyone knows Tomb Raider Movie because this has become very popular and controversial in the past years. Many people adore this movie that’s why Tomb Raider Slot games have been produced.

Since the release of the Tomb Raider 2 Slot game, many users have played and tested the game. They are satisfied and happy with the concept of the game that’s why they invite their friends and peers to join them in the game. Today, a lot of people are already playing this slot game so don’t miss the chance to play this too in your computer.

If you want to try the Tomb Raider 2 slot machine, you can go to some online casino’s that allow free download. Through this you can get the game and play it on your computer for free. You can use this to test the game and to get enough familiarity to its functions and features. This is important so that if you will play live, you will be able to meet the skills of the expert gamers. You will have equal chance to win in the game and get payouts even if you are in the real gamer’s world. You will be able to use good techniques to beat even the expert players out there.

The Tomb Raider 2 Slot started since November 2008 that’s why it is already proven by many. Since 2008, it was able to entertain a lot of people and gain more earnings simply by playing the slot game. This game is also trusted by many because this is made by Microgaming, a good company in terms of online slot machines and games.

If you will play this game, you will be able to know the 3 different or separate bonus games. In these 3 bonuses, 2 game are free spins. You can easily use it to maximize your earning and payout. You will be surprised of the amount that you could get by just playing this wonderful Tomb Raider 2 slot game.

The graphics as well as the sound of this game are said to be of high quality. The game is superb compared to other slot games because of the good and clear graphics that it has, and also because of the great and nice sounds that the game make use of.

Playing this game means ease and convenience. You will no longer go out of your house, look for a casino just to play the game. You can just turn on your computer and log-in to enjoy the bundles of benefits that this Tomb Raider 2 Slot game could give you. You will no longer look for a friend to play with you because this can be played by single player. Complete convenience is assured to be yours if you will download this game and start playing.

Getting this game is so easy so don’t waste any minute. Get it online and surely, you will be satisfied by its overall good game quality, from graphics to sounds and concepts.

The Avengers Slot

The Avenger Slot is a casino online game for gambling entertainment purpose. It was created to give thrill and excitement for all types of players. Male audience is main target market of this slot game. The creation of the game was based from the popular film “The Avengers”.  The game features the main characters in the film with amazing graphics and sound effects. It offers a mixture of suspense thriller and adventurous missions. As you go through with the different levels, you will be rewarded with bonuses. The more bonuses you have, the more chances of winnings.

The Avengers are gathered to defend the earth from the evil named Loki. This team consist of the following names; Thor, Hawkeye, Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America and Black Widow led by nick Fury.

The goal of The Avengers is to find the symbols combinations in spinning the rollers. This is how to play the game.   You can choose line wagers by clicking + and – under Line Bet to increase the amount or to decrease it. The total wager per its game round is 20 no more and no less. In clicking the Spin the rollers will begin to spin. During the roller spins the Spin it will turn into stop. Then, in clicking the button Stop the spin will stop and the result will immediately appears.  By the use of the Auto Play function rollers can be also be twisted. Auto Play button will give the list of the selection.  All through the Auto Play mode the button Auto Play will change into Stop. The Auto Play Mode Will ends when you click the button Stop. Your prizes will be calculated providing to your payable. The payable can be accessed using the Info page.  The players who have the highest pay line combination will get the price while immediate winnings on the dissimilar pay lines will put together. In terms of a winning turn, the Win field shows the collecting winnings.  The total wins will be placed in the game windows.

In clicking the buttons Info different mechanism of the game will appear on the screen. And by clicking the arrow keys on the screen this will direct you on how you will be able to continue the slot game.

Playing game in slot machine is easy and fun.  Winning is high if you keep on playing over and over again. There is no really a strategy for any slot games. After all, your main goal is to play and enjoy.  Consider Avengers Slot which is one of the best games in the online market today. Experience the 3D graphic features and the game’s soundtrack which will intensify your excitement and interest. This animated slot game will awaken your attentiveness. The artistic lightning of this game will help you to feel like you are in the real fight against the evil Loki. Avail its latest versions and download it in your own gadgets. The Avengers slot will give you a full adventure that can will surely

An Overview of Playboy Slot

This is the modern edition to collection of games and lately they have licensed and magnificently brand names to their video slots. The goals of this playboy slot are to carry on the triumph and the fame of immortal romance. It has also featured enriched bonuses which is likely to Immortal Romance as well, plus great graphics and special chill-out soundtrack too.

The item is activated when 3 or more disseminates symbols appear anywhere on the screen. The player of this game cannot at once select any bonus from the first trigger. The characters are getting unlocked every 5 triggers. To be able to unlock, the player need to hit the bonus 15 times and 20 times if they want to turn the pay- table to platinum.

Bonus Features

  • Kimi

Accessible from the first trigger. The players are given 10 free spins with all wins multiplied x 5 free spins re- triggered.

  • Sofia

Accessible from the fifth (5th) trigger. The players are given 15 free spins with consecutively wilds feature. Each free spin the wild stack produces by one wild per reel maximums as 15 wilds per reel.

  • Ashley

Accessible from the tenth (10th) trigger. The players are given 20 free spins with developing reels feature. With each winning combination, winning symbols vanish and new symbols are rolling down to cover their location. The multiplier will up to 5x if they have successive wins.

  • Jillian

Accessible from the fifteenth (15th) trigger. The players are given 25 free spins with Wild night feature.  This is like to Wild Desire but it will happen by chance if any of these 25 spins will turn up to 5 reels wild that makes a challenging and interesting game for every player.

Playboy logo is the wild symbol in the game and this is not only an alternative for regular game symbols but will also double the number of wins  that are created. Players will also enjoy this game because in addition to the winning symbols it has toss rewards that is being offered with three or more icons. If the players get these symbols they can also unlock one of the most exciting and satisfying free                                                                                                                     spin games online. Next to this is that when the free spin round is being hit, players can now enter the playboy club where in they can be able to choose from four different free spin offers.

Once again micro gaming produced an attractive theme game that offer exceptional pay-outs and will surely draw players. Playboy is an exceptionally huge franchise now and reproduces the delights of the enterprise in the video slot game. It is also very accessible for the players now because they can download and enjoy it through their iPhone or iPods and Android system, iOS. The availability of this game is not just through online application stores for it has Game locator which is unique feature that allows the players to locate the nearest casino in their locality wherein they can have live version of the slot game. Nowadays it is one of the trendiest pastime for thousands of players and with a Playboy, video slot is one of kind enjoyable experience and every interesting players can play it everywhere.